An Introduction to Stress Reduction

Stress reduction is a broad spectrum of psychotherapies and techniques aimed towards reducing someone’s level of tension in order for both physiological and psychological well-being, usually with respect to the benefit of and towards the reason for enhancing everyday living. A variety of strategies exist and can range from interventions that strive to reduce the person’s exposure to stressors, to strategies that try to regulate the brain chemicals linked to stress and anxiety. Yet , with the various approaches to stress reduction, many persons wonder which is most effective for them. It is therefore important to know what stress lowering techniques are effective for different types of tension and how they are often used as part of a larger treatment approach.

For short term stress reduction, interventions that seek to reduce the individual’s exposure to stressors through relaxation techniques, including diaphragmatic inhaling techniques, or deep breathing, are usually considered to be beneficial. These approaches can be very useful for individuals whose stress responses are seen as increased sympathetic nervous program activity. These types of responses appear when the human body interprets frightening sensory stimuli as a danger, or when the sympathetic nervous system turns into overly delicate to environmental stimuli. Beneath these conditions the individual could experience physical symptoms such as palpitations, perspiration, dizziness or feelings of panic. When these symptoms may only keep going for a few minutes, the increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system may result in the piling up of excessive amounts of stress resulting in a express of serious stress.

When it comes to dealing with long term stressors, methods which educate the body to cope efficiently with stressful situations will be recommended. These types of techniques consist of diaphragmatic breathing techniques, or controlled breathing exercises which can be designed to relax the mind and gives stress relief. This kind of therapy is especially effective in cases where the cause of the tension is an environmental problem just like poor quality of air or overloaded space. During these situations, stress relief techniques such as diaphragmatic inhaling and exhaling will allow the to better cope with the situation currently happening.

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